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Thread: World Breastfeeding Week

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    World Breastfeeding Week

    Did you all know that August 1st through August 7th is World Breastfeeding Week? Let's celebrate by telling a little bit about our experiences as breastfeeding mothers. How long have you breastfed? What is your favorite part about breastfeeding?

    I have been breastfeeding for most of the last 7 years. My favorite part is being able to provide my children nourishment and comfort. I love the gentle simplicity of it all. I relish in the moment when a tiny baby finally reaches his or her fills and falls over into blissful sleep. Such a sense of accomplishment.


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    Hi Angela,

    Thanks for alerting us to World Breastfeeding Week

    I'd say that I pretty much continuously breastfed for 16 years, except for during pregnancy when all of my children weaned (so thankful for that as I had nausea so bad that I really needed a good night's sleep so I wouldn't experience it at night). So I'd say I breastfed for about 12 years.

    I miss it but my youngest is now 7 and I'm in peri-menopause so most likely will not be able to experience it again unless I have a grand baby who wants to pacify at an old, empty breast.

    I have to agree - the simplicity of it all and watching my little one fall off to sleep were some of my favorite memories. The other thing I really enjoyed was when they would look up at me and smile while attached to the breast. My last little one would hum while breastfeeding, when she was under a year old. Happy sounds.

    And for mum, an opportunity to sit and sometimes even close my eyes for a rest. Breastfeeding "forces" mums to take rests throughout the day which contributes to their well being.


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    Hi ladies,

    We celebrated this at my local breastfeeding support group by having a breastfeeding picnic to help new mums to gain confidence with feeding in public. It was well-attended and I think World Breastfeeding Week is important for informing mums-to-be about their choices as well as explaining to others the super benefits of breastfeeding.

    So far I've been breastfeeding for 19 months - at first I didn't think I'd make it past the first week (due to latch problems caused by my son's tongue tie) but now we are pros! My favourite part of breastfeeding is the immunity it gives my son: he is hardly ever ill. Also the wonderful bond we have with each other - when he looks at me whilst we are feeding. And I love how it calms him when he is upset. Ok, I have lots of favourite parts of breastfeeding!

    Kate you made me giggle with your 'unless I have a grand baby who wants to pacify at an old, empty breast' comment.

    Best wishes to you all,


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    My baby hums while breastfeeding too Kate. So cute. And you are so right about it forcing mum to take a break! Very good point!

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    I love all these favourite reasons to breastfeed!

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    My eighteen month old was recently in the hospital for a week. She suffered a second degree burn. It is one of the most traumatic experiences of my entire life. However, I was able to breastfeed her on the gurny, in the ambulance, and while we stayed in the hospital. Being able to provide her that comfort during such a difficult time was so good for both of us. It made me so very thankful that I chose to breastfeed beyond the first year.

    That is yet another reason I love breastfeeding!!

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    I'm so sorry your little one had to be hospitalized with burns

    I was able to breastfeed my 2 month old in the hospital when he had open heart surgery, and I had a friend who's child had the same repair and she would "hang" over the bed and let her bub suckle for comfort.

    So thankful for breastfeeding and the comfort and healing it brings!

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    How scary to have such a young child in hospital. But, how wonderful that you could both provide comfort to your little ones through breastfeeding.

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