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    Teeth stain due to vitamins

    I give my baby iron and Vitamin C as his vitamins but I noticed that his teeth are stained with the Iron supplement that he is taking. Is there a way that I can remove the stain?

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    Hi Jackie,

    Often doctors will recommend iron for babies to keep them from becoming anemic. However, anemia is rare in breastfed babies.

    Same goes for vitamins. Full term, healthy, breastfed babies typically will not need vitamins during the first year. I didn't give any of my children liquid vitamins. Actually I think I started with vitamins with the first baby because I had a Paediatrician that treated every baby the same (whether breast fed or formula fed) but after that learning experience, I didn't use any supplements with my bubs.

    Something you can do instead (and your son will likely LOVE it) is to make green smoothies for him out of fresh or frozen fruit and green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, green leafy lettuce, etc.

    And here's how to make one (you can also make green smoothies into popsicles for those hot days when you want to let baby suck on something cold and yummy).

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