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    My 1 year old baby is frequently constipated. He drinks lots of water but he is still constipated.Can anyone suggests some foods that I can give my son to prevent constipation? I'm trying to potty train him but it's difficult because he 's already afraid that it might hurt when he defecates.

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    Hi Jackie,

    Thanks for your question.

    There is a thread you may find helpful about infant constipation here.

    I know you say your son is 1 year but how many months is he? 1 year is generally quite young to potty train, especially if you have not used elimination communication with a young baby. You can start young if you use a patient and gentle technique but many parents choose to wait until there child is closer to 2.5 years old or even slightly older.

    In terms of the constipation, when a baby/toddler is scared of pooing (because of previous pain they have experienced) it can get worse and worse as they try not to poo and then the poo becomes harder and so more painful to pass. Ways to help with this include: allowing your son to poo in the bath to relax him, lots of water, avoiding high fibre foods for now as in babies these actually absorb water from the food if the baby is not drinking lots of water, eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg but not bananas or carrots as these have been found to increase constipation.

    I hope some of these ideas and those in the previous thread help.

    Please do post back and let us know if we can help further and how you are getting on.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi LJ,

    Thanks for the suggestions that you have given, I'm trying to make it a habit that my son drinks lots of water. I'm also giving him fruits and veggies. I hope I change what he thinks about pain when he poops. If constipation happens what do you usually give your baby?

    Best regards,

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    Hi Jackie,

    I just responded to one of your other questions where you mentioned that your son is on an iron supplement.

    Most full term healthy breastfed babies do not need supplementation with iron because the iron in breastmilk is plenty. And in this case, my guess it that the iron supplement is what is causing or contributing to the constipation.

    If it were me, I would continue to breastfeed and stop the iron supplementation while increasing his nutrient intake through green smoothies. The greens in the smoothies can also help the bowels to move more often and the fruit will also help to loosen the stools.

    A really loose stool will almost "slip out" without any pain. My concern is that if he already has dry, hard stool in the bowel, that this will be the hardest for him to pass.

    You can try using a glycerine suppository (I had to do this once with one of my children) and this will make it a little easier for the hard stool to pass.

    Once the hard stool is out, it will be much easier for your son to go if you start him on green smoothies now. Also, prune juice and prunes can be very helpful in getting things moving again.

    Please see your other thread entitled Teeth Stained Due To Vitamins where I shared some green smoothie videos with you.

    Looking forward to hearing whether you found this helpful or not.

    Warm regards,


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    I second the notion that you should consider dropping the iron supplement. Additionally, I would increase fruits and vegetables, and maybe add some prune or apple juice to the baby's menu.

    These ladies have some great links and info for you. I agree with them completely. Hope your bub is able to get some relief soon.

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    Hi Jackie,

    We're all curious to know how your son is doing. Is he still experiencing frequent constipation? Have you tried any of the suggestions here?

    Warm regards,


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