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    Vaginal Birth With Triplets?

    Hello Midwife Jane,

    I just learned of a woman who is undergoing ICSI. They were able to retrieve 4 eggs, and all 4 eggs were fertilized.

    If 3 or 4 embryos are of high enough quality to transfer, there would be a possibility of her carrying triplets or quadruplets.

    Have you ever known of a woman who has delivered triplets vaginally and if so, was it at home or in the hospital? I would like to encourage this woman to have a vaginal delivery, but not sure if I could do this if she's carrying triplets or quads. She is 40 years old and I know that there would be a high probability that the babies would come early if she were carrying 3 or 4 but I'm wondering if there are doctors or midwives that would support her in planning for a vaginal delivery if she were carrying more than 2.

    Warm regards,


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    Though I am not Jane- lol- though I would chime in that I have seen it happen a few times.

    It's rare but happens. I have known of one homebirth of triplets, and one hospital birth. I would encourage her to speak with midwives and doctors, looking for someone who is very open to the idea- if it does turn out to be triplets or twins. Quads I do not know about, though I imagine it has been done at some point, I would not think many doctors or midwives would be open to supporting a vaginal delivery of quads, there are just too many variables. On the other hand, if it ends up only being twins, vaginal birth is definitely a possibility with a willing care provider. Most twins are still born vaginally.

    I am sure Jane can give more technical insight and I look forward to reading her answer.


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    Well 1 embryo didn't make it, so they implanted 3, which means a maximum of 3 babies (though one embryo was poor quality, so guessing that one may not survive).

    Thanks for the information, Angela. I will encourage and support her as we learn more.

    Warm regards,


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    I would love to know the outcome!


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