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    Contraceptive Pill and Breastfeeding

    Hi. I was hoping someone here could help me make a decision as to what would be the best type of the pill for someone who is breastfeeding. I have a one year old son who does not want to have anything to do with formula, but I have PCOS and would like to start taking the pill to correct my hormonal imbalances. I have read somewhere that the pill is contraindicated to breastfeeding, but I was wondering, is there any formulation I could use that would still allow me to continue breastfeeding my son? Thanks for any help or opinion I can get.

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    Hi Xamismum,

    There are natural ways that can help you to manage PCOS that would allow you to continue breastfeeding without having to worry about the negative effects of hormones on you and baby.

    These include dietary and lifestyle changes such as eating foods which are low on the Glycemic Index or eating a low carb/high protein diet. Regular exercise can have a largely positive impact on PCOS. You can go for a walk every day for 45 minutes. While you're walking, don't stop, even to let the dog do his business. You'll want to walk continuously for 45 minutes.

    Strength training is very helpful for women with PCOS and for diabetics because it uses more sugar in the blood than other exercises. This is something you can easily do at home - just grab a couple of 2 liter bottles, fill with water, and do strength building exercises. You can also do this with canned goods. You could also take a couple of cans of soup on your walk, and swing your arms, for a greater benefit.

    Here's a video to give you another idea of how to do strength training at home.

    A natural health practitioner can assist you with this. You might also like to visit the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Association of Australia website.

    There are low dose contraceptive pills which would probably be okay for a breastfeeding mum but I'd check with your doctor on this. I will also let our resident midwife, Jane, know that your question is here to see what her thoughts are.

    Warm regards,


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    Not all birth control is contraindicated during breastfeeding. The low dose, mini pill, as well as the IUD are generally considered safe for breastfeeding.

    Best of luck!


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    Thank you very much Kate, and Angela: I have been doing exercises and been on a diabetic diet. My wanting to use a pill for my PCOS is to help with the ugly effects of PCOS in my face. I have big acnes and when you are a 35 year old woman, it is very embarrassing to have this skin problem. It makes me feel very unattractive that I don't even like my husband looking me in the face.

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    There's a wonderful website for women with PCOS called Insulite. They have herbal formulas to help with PCOS.

    Hormones can definitely wreak havoc on our face (i.e. acne) as I found that as I went into peri-menopause I got acne. Never had it during my teen years but I got it at menopause. I understand the feeling!


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    I never had pimples as a teenager but I have developed full-on acne recently. I do not have PCOS, as far as I know, I am breastfeeding, I am not on hormonal birth control. This doesn't really help you out but just wanted to let you know you are not alone!

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