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    Hello everyone!

    Just want to know why my son is deaf?
    Is it really true that due to having measles while pregnant can have bad effect on babies
    inside our womb? Please let me know.



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    Hi havingaprincess,

    I'm sorry to say that yes having measles whilst you are pregnant can cause your baby to have a permanent hearing loss. What level of hearing impairment does your son have (it is classed as: mild, moderate, severe, profound)? How is he being supported with this?

    Best wishes,


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    Though rare, yes, measles in pregnancy can lead to deafness. Most women of childbearing age have already developed an immunity to measles which makes the risk even lower.

    I am sorry about your son, but realize this is something out of your control. Though it may be related to measles, it could very well have been the result of something genetic or otherwise. How old is your son? When was he diagnosed as being deaf?

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    Hello havingaprincess,

    Did you have measles when you were pregnant with your deaf son? If "no", did you have the measles vaccine before you got pregnant, and if so, how soon before?

    My 3rd child was born with a congenital heart defect. Had he been born even 30 years earlier, he very likely would not have survived past the age of 7. Our neighbor had a child with the same defect, and she gave birth to that child 30 years earlier. At that time, they were not doing the repairs they now do, and her son only survived 2 years. Very sad Our son, however, had open heart surgery when he was 2 months old, and he did exceptionally well. He is now 14 years old.

    Sometimes God allows things like this to happen, and we don't know the true cause. But what we do know is that if we do our very best to keep our bodies healthy (eating the right foods, exercising, avoiding pesticides and other toxins, getting good rest, etc.) then we will have the best chance of giving birth to a truly healthy baby. So we do what we can do, and we leave the rest in God's hands.

    God has a perfect plan for your son and He will use this situation for good in your life and in His if you allow Him to. I know that in my situation, I prayed so hard that God would heal my son's heart so he wouldn't have to have open heart surgery. But He chose not to do that, and we went through the whole situation. Some of the good that came out of that was that I learned a lot, and I was an integral part of helping another little girl and another little boy to get the right repair done and the right time, with one of the best surgeons in the world. Those parents would not have known where to turn had I not been active in the "heart baby" forum after my son's surgery.

    Please post anytime you need support, encouragement or resources to help in your parenting journey. We love to support one another.



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