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    using pills

    Dear Everyone!

    I would like to hear insights from all of you about having pills as the method of avoiding pregnancy.
    Is it safe for women? I have a friend who uses pills for several years now. She told me she gained
    weight tremendously due to taking pills regularly because it somehow was one of the reasons why
    she always get hungry. Is this really true? Please let me hear from you.


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    There are many different types of hormonal birth control pills and they affect women in different ways. Most formulations contain progestin-only or a combination of progestin and estrogen. Some ladies seem to experience temporary weight gain from the pill, though it most studies have concluded that this side effect is relatively rare. Your friend should speak with the physician who prescribes her pills about trying a different formula.

    Generally speaking, birth control pills are safe. However, there are many side-effects related to their usage. Some versions are contraindicated with breastfeeding because the hormones involved can cause milk to dry up. Women who smoke are at higher risk for developing certain life-threatening side effects from hormonal birth control, though these severe risks are still considered quite rare.

    It is important to remember that birth control pills do not protect against STDs and they are not 100% effective at preventing pregnancy. There are many natural, non-hormonal alternatives to the pill. With proper use, these methods provide comparable protection to hormonal pills. A few examples include diaphragm, copper IUD, male and female condoms, and natural family planning.


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    mom2many gave you a lot of good information and suggestions.

    Hormonal birth control and the IUD can act as an abortifacient which means that if you do happen to conceive while on these forms of birth control, that the baby won't be able to implant thus causing a very early miscarriage.

    Condoms, the diaphragm and natural family planning do not have an abortifacient effect.

    Here's an excellent video that shows how the pill works and the difference between how the first birth control pills worked as compared to how the current birth control pill works (they are formulated differently).

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