Hi mums to be!

My name is Alissa, I'm a second year student midwife from Curtin University in Perth. I'm seeking mums to be, less than 30 weeks pregnant to participate in our continuity of care program, which involves me following you through your pregnancy, birth and early days of parenting. I am able to attend antenatal appointments/ultrasounds, support you during your labour and birth and help you deliver your baby, and support you during the postnatal period. It's a great learning experience for me, and I've had lots of positive feedback from the women I've worked with so far.

Ideally looking for women birthing either at home or at the central area hospitals (Bentley, Kaleeya, Family Birth Centre, KEMH, Armadale, Osbourne Park) but even if you're birthing north or south please get in touch as there are a number of girls on our course who live north/south.

If you have any questions please feel free to reply here, or email me (alissa.pemberton@student.curtin.edu.au).