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    7 Weeks Pregnancy and High TSH

    Hello Everyone.

    This is Raj from Canberra. I’m new this forum.
    My Wife name is Revathi…She is now 7 weeks and 2 days Pregnancy.
    Yesterday we got blood test and Dr found that She have TSH 9.2 (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone). Dr asks us to take OROXINE Tablets 50mcg and go for ultra sound thyroid and also Dr given referral letter to endocronologist

    I would like to know how this going to be impact baby and what impact of this?

    How to recover this? Could please advise us?


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    Hi Raj and Revathi,

    This is a good question for our resident midwife, Jane, so I will ask her to reply when she has time (sometimes she's busy with births).

    Thanks for the information. I know that High TSH can cause infertility, but I'm not sure what the impact on pregnancy would be, though I do know that hCG and estrogen (both of which increase during pregnancy) can cause TSH to become higher.

    Here's a good page of information that should help you understand this better

    Warm regards,


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    Hi Raj and Revathi, abnormal thyroid hormone tests can impact on a pregnancy. The visit to the endocrinologist will give you a lot more information about what is going on and what you'll need to do. They will try to get your thyroid hormone back to normal levels - so it will have minimal impact on the pregnancy. The information you've provided regarding the blood results shows you have high levels but if the doctor has put you oroxine - this doesn't make sense. Oxoxine is thyroid replacement therapy for low hormone levels. Are you sure about your blood result levels?
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    Hi Raj and Revathi,

    Was your wife on Oxoxine before you had the blood test done? Just wondering if too much Oxoxine may have cause the TSH to be 9.2 (very high).

    Did Revathi see the the Endocrinologist? If so, what did you learn?

    Warm Regards,


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