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    Pre-natal Vitamins, Do I have to?

    My doctor always prescribes Pre-natal vitamins and Iron for my pregnancies. I hate taking any pill, I dont even use BC, because I don't want foreign chemicals in my body. I also don't believe man-made vitamins work with our body and nutrients should come from natural sources. How important are they? Has anyone here had a bad experience that they can attribute to neglecting the pills?

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    Hi Katie!

    I totally understand your feelings on this. I know and understand the recommendations, but for me, I really couldn't take pre-natal vitamins! I would simply throw them back up, because I was so nauseated when I was pregnant. Really, in my opinion, it is most important to get all the necessary nutrients through your diet. I suggest making a special plan to make sure that you are including the right whole foods into your system, so that your body can have access to everything you need, just by eating properly!

    I believe that one of the reasons that most women "have" to take vitamin pills is that doctors know that there a lot of women who eat a lot of junk, and are nutritionally deficient. The doctors not only don't know how to guide them nutritionally, but they know that many women won't take the extra effort anyway. A pill is easy to prescribe, and for most people, an easy solution to take. But by no means is it the only way to handle your nutritional needs. In fact, it is inferior to a truly seriously-healthy whole foods diet that is rich in dark leafy green vegetables and colorful produce, especially those that are raw or nearly so.

    One way to get the quantity of nutrition you need is to make "green smoothies" on most days... since sometimes it's hard to make all the right decisions in your meal-planning. Especially if you are super busy or super tired.

    Here is a video to get you started:


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    Wow, what a great response. Thank you! The pills make me sick also. I am watching the video now.

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