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    Hair Loss

    Dear All,

    My sister and I were discussing about hair loss. She wondered why she has a hair loss problem.
    She ask her friends and neighbors but there is no exact answer on why there's a hair loss.
    Some said it is due to having birth or lack of nutrients in our body. I would like to know the real
    answer. Please let me learn from all of you. Thanks and God BLess!


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    It is possible that the hair loss is a result of pregnancy. Lack of nutrients or even just the shift or hormones can lead to postpartum hair loss. Millions of men and women suffer from hair loss, so she is definitely not alone. How serious is her hair loss? Has she mentioned it to her physician?

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    Hi havingaprincess,

    As mom2many says - many women have increased hair loss after giving birth.

    The reason for this is that during pregnancy lots of women find they have thicker, fuller hair. Normally we shed about 5-10% of our hair but this often does not happen during pregnancy due to the higher levels of estrogen. After pregnancy, the body makes up for this by shedding all these hairs that were not shed during pregnancy. It tends to happen up to 12 months post-partum. After this time, most women's hair returns to its normal, pre-pregnancy amount.

    Some women use specialist shampoos which make their hair appear thicker during the time of increased hair loss.

    I hope this helps you and your sister,

    Best wishes to you both,


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    Hello LJ,

    Thanks for taking time answering my concerns and for the helpful tips and advice you shared with
    me. I'm really thankful for this wonderful forum. This gave me lots of ideas. I've learned many things
    from this.

    GOD Bless,

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    Hello havingaprincess,

    Hair loss can be due to both lack of nutrients and also from hormonal imbalance. Aside from pregnancy, two of the largest health challenges that contribute to hair loss are thyroid and adrenal disorders.

    In these situations you would want to check with your doctor or naturopath to have some testing done. All in all, hair loss is an indication that hormones are changing and that the body needs extra nutrients to support your health.

    You can take high quality supplements and eat a lot of freshly pressed juices and green smoothies to help your body come back into balance.

    Warm regards,


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    Thanks for your post shamas699. I just wanted to comment that I agree a vegetarian diet is often a healthy one. However, if you are a vegetarian during pregnancy then it is particularly important to plan your diet carefully to ensure you and your baby receive all your required nutrients.

    Happy new year!


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    Hair loss is the common process in the pregnancy time because of lack of nutrients and hormonal imbalance in women. so you should consult with your doctor for further treatment.

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    An issue that often follows pregnancy is hypothyroid and hair loss is a common symptom. Talk to your GP, especially if you also have low energy, fluid retention, weight gain etc. Not worth ignoring.
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    Hi Havingaprincess,
    Yes lack of nutrition can also cause hair loss so have nutritive diet plan and use shampoo and conditioner according to your hair texture. Don't rub hair hard with towel to dry them and avoid touching or pulling your hair. Manage stress with regular workouts and take adequate amount of protein through daily meals. Limit alcohol and smoking and avoid using harsh chemicals.

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    as for me there isn't enough info in original topic to clearly identifying where the problem can be. it can be concerned with pregnancy, weight, diet, lifestyle and so on. It would be much better to go to a professional doctor and ask him I think.
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    When you are pregnant it is important to make the extra effort to eat a balanced, nutritious diet so that both you and your baby can enjoy a healthy 9 months. There are some useful articles here about What to Eat in Pregnancy .

    Hair loss at the end of pregnancy can occur even if you eat an excellent diet due to the extra hair follicles (which are often not shed in pregnancy) all being lost at once. Hair loss earlier in pregnancy is more likely to be due to lack of the required nutrients. Interestingly, organic food has been found to contain significantly more vitamins than its non-organic counterparts - because of this I ate more organic food in pregnancy.

    Best wishes,


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    It is possible to have hair loss after pregnancy but don't worry it is not permanent. Your hair will grow normally after few months. It is better for you to have a healthy lifestyle and eat food that is rich in vitamin E. You can also eat fruits daily, a cup or bowl of fruit can help you too.

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    Great advice again alexaandrah - thanks.

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    You're welcome ljmarsden, I hope their hair is back to normal now. Here are some tips to take care of your hair properly. Wash your hair using a natural shampoo and conditioner. Avoid using shampoo with lots of harsh chemicals. Use a wide tooth comb when brushing to avoid hair fall. Hope these tips can help.

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