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    Spending time with my child

    I am a working Mom and the one who sustains the financial needs of our family. I merely have time with my 8 month old son. And as he is growing, I feel like he's not being close to me. I wanted to take care of him always but I can't. Most of the times, when I am holding him, he wanted to go to his grandmother (my mother-in-law) because she's the one who's taking care of him so probably, he thought she was his Mom. I feel very sad especially when I encounter this kind of situation. Can you tell me how should I handle this? Thank you.

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    Hi Jaedris,

    I'm glad you have a desire to bond with your son and to be "Mum" in his mind. That's really important and something you can do.

    I'm happy to give you some suggestions on how you can bond with your son more, but I need more information.

    Do you work away from home?

    How many days per week do you work?

    What time do you leave the house and what time do you return?

    Where is your son when you are working? At your house with Grandma? At Grandma's house?

    Who else cares for your child and how often?

    Once I have a better idea of how much time you have away from work and how much time your son is spending with others, I'll be able to give you some ideas on how to bond with your son.

    I have a feeling this thread will be one you'll want to check often as I will likely have questions often.

    Warm regards,


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