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Thread: Menstruation period after birth

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    Menstruation period after birth

    My doctor said that as long as I am breastfeeding my son, I will not have a menstruation. But after six months, I did have. I never changed in my son's schedule in breastfeeding. Therefore, why did I suddenly have menstruation?

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    A lot of women resume menstruation around the time they introduce solids, for many this is around six months. Have you recently introduced solids? Some women even begin their period when they are still breastfeeding exclusively. I've heard of some ladies getting a period as early as 9 weeks postpartum. It is perfectly within the range of normal. Do realize, however, that this means your fertility has likely returned. So, if you do not want to get pregnant again anytime soon, now is the time to begin monitoring ovulation or consider using some form of birth control.

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    Hi Jaedris,

    Your doctor was mistaken when he told you that you would not get your period as long as you were breastfeeding. Every woman is different. I have a friend who didn't get her period for 2 1/2 years, and she breastfed that long. However, she started solids when he was just a few months old.

    On the other hand, there are plenty of women (I'm one of them) who get their periods while breastfeeding, and as mom2many mentioned, while they are exclusively breastfeeding (baby is not on solids, and does not take a pacifier).

    I got my period before all of my babies were 6 months of age, and with my last one, I think she was only 8 weeks old when I got my first period after birth.

    You'll definitely want to watch your body's signs of fertility now so that you know when you're fertile and when you're not. This can be beneficial for both avoiding pregnancy and achieving pregnancy, depending upon which you want to do. Here's a thread on natural family planning that may be interesting to you as well.

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    Thanks for your response mom2many and Ma'am Kate. And yes, I recently introduced solid foods to my son. I feel relieved knowing that it's still in normal range.^^
    However, what bothers me now is the reason why my doctor told me that? It was deceiving and misintrepreted, I believe so.
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    Unfortunately many medical providers are misinformed about breastfeeding. =(

    I am sorry that his advice left you worried. Glad we could help though!

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    The idea of not having periods while breastfeeding is closely allied to the out-dated belief that while breastfeeding exclusively a woman will not conceive another baby.

    While it is true that breastfeeding suppresses ovulation, like all other 'natural' methods of birth control it is far from foolproof. My mother for instance was breastfeeding my sister exclusively when she fell pregnant just 8 weeks after giving birth!

    It sounds like the Doctor you spoke to jaedris needs to update his knowledge. Time to seek out a more knowledgeable professional I think.

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