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    Unhappy bleeded while love making?

    Hi everyone, I have a question. Is it really safe to make love during pregnancy esp second trimester? hubby and I had an intercourse recently but then I bleed. I was worried and he told me it is ok for its is not bloody red. The color is light pinkish and it is not too forceful. Is that ok or I should refrain from that for a while?
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    It is normal for some women to have some light spotting after intercourse or a vaginal exam. If it were a lot of blood- similar to your menstrual cycle, or bright red that is potentially concerning. I would mention it to your care provider at the next appointment to rule out anything serious.

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    Hi Melisse30,

    I agree with Mom2Many. For many women it can be normal to have a little pinkish tinge of blood after intercourse but I'd also be cautious because you're pregnant and your husband's semen can act as a prostaglandin which can soften your cervix and could, potentially, cause dilation too early in the pregnancy.

    We just had a very good discussion about bleeding after sex during pregnancy and I'd like you to read that thread so that you can learn more about when to be careful and when to enjoy sex in great abundance during pregnancy.

    Please post back and let us know what your thoughts are after you read the other thread.

    Warm regards,


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    Hello Melisse30,

    You may want to check some of the threads at the forum and find one of the members, who I believe is a male named Hans, posting the same concern as you are. I for one also had the same experience but during the first few months of my pregnancy. The small amounts of blood that I saw in my undies worried me because when I confided it with my physician, she told me I had an open cervix and that the child I was carrying may get aborted. I even had to be admitted to the hospital for a week because of that.

    Gladly the baby was fine and after that incident, we tried to be more careful though when it comes to having intercourse during pregnancy. AS Kate has mentioned earlier, the semen does act as prostaglandin which can be a reason to make the cervix soft.

    Again, consulting your physician is great advice.

    Wish you well on your pregnancy.

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    Thanks for answering back my question mom2many,5Homebirths4Kate,MumO'Three. I should be very careful and take extra precautions. I was so concerned with the situation that I havent had much sleep because of that. Though this was my second pregnancy but it never occurred on my previous one. This forum is such a big help.

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    hi allen004 this sure is of big help to all of us.. how are you?

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    Hello Melisse30,

    How are you doing? Did you see your midwife or doctor? Just curious as to what they recommended.

    Warm regards,


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