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    not the usual pre natal Vitamins..

    Hi, I would like to ask if is it possible for me to take the usual vitamins e.g multivitamins and calcium which is not prescribed by the OB-GYNE? Ive been taking the multivitamins that was given to me but they are not the ones for pregnant. Do they have the same benefits? What vitamins should I be taking now that Im 18weeks pregnant? Im confused and would like to be enlightened.
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    You should be taking a pregnancy-specific vitamin if you are able to stomach. Pregnant women require higher percentages of some nutrients than non-pregnant women, DHA and folic acid are a good example. Taking any vitamin is better than none. Eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water also helps to ensure you are getting what you need. However, prenatal vitamins- prescribed or over the counter- are usually best.

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    In order to save money you may be able to finish the multi-vitamins you are taking now and then with your next bottle, start with a high quality prenatal.

    As mom2many mentioned, typically, the Prenatal vitamins have added DHA and more folic acid. You could get a bottle of folic acid and just take an extra one of those each day to get about 800 mcg. total.

    Be sure you're drinking plenty of pure water, limiting your sugar and "junk food" intake, getting enough high quality protein (i.e. eggs, fish, meat, poultry) and getting plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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    hi mom2many, ill keep that in mind. The truth is, Im not the veggie type of person but Im trying my very best to ingest something green on my diet. Ive already switched to a pre natal vitamins, I started just last week..

    Hello 5Homebirths4Kate, as what Ive told mom2many, Ive already switched to a pre natal vitamin just last week . Ive done your advise too, to limit my sugar and junk food intake and have been eating fruits and "little" greens.

    I feel a lot better now that Im 20wks. Its like my energy level went up .

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    You can try focusing on fruits, and make some yummy fruit smoothies. Add the greens in with them and you'll barely notice them, but you'll be getting that good chlorophyll from the greens.

    Glad you're feeling better!

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    I agree with Kate on the smoothies! You'd be surprised how awesome a great fruit smoothie, with just a few veggies mixed in can taste. The sugar in the fruit totally hides the vegetable taste. Smoothies are a great way to get some extra nutrition. That is one of the biggest ways I sneak an extra dose of veggies into the diets of my children.

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