At the Pregnancy and Parenting Network today we explored many issues around vaccination. One of this issues raised was how do we make an informed decision whether to vaccinate or not vaccinate your children. I must admit this is an issue that I found challenging as a parent. I read widely and became more and more confused. Some of the suggestions from today's group on the best ways to inform yourself are:

  • Read the Australia Vaccination Website
  • Read information on the NSW Health Website on immunisation particularly the information on the incidence of the diseases and mortality rates of each disease
  • Dr Sears book on Vaccination
  • Talk to a supportive doctor on vaccination

For me the best source of information is the book Childhood Vaccination. This book is written by Dr Lauren Feder. Lauren provides both the pro vaccination view point, the anti vaccination view point and provides some really valuable information of her own. How did you make an informed decision on vaccination?