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    Natural Remedies For Fever

    Hi To Everyone,

    I just want to ask on how to cure fever naturally for children and I would like to ask on how to have a healthy children without having them sick. My daughter who is 11 years old, is having a fever for two days already. I have given her a tablet medicine but the fever still occur after 3 hours of taking the medicine. I'm worried if she will not get fine until Monday then she'll be absent in her class and she doesn't want to make an absent because she belongs to the top 10 students of their classroom. I hope somebody could give me ideas. I'd be thankful to read those advice.



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    Hi Havingaprincess,

    The body gets a fever because it's trying to kill off "invaders". Usually these are viral or bacterial invaders. If the fever isn't super high you can have the child wrap up in blankets to actually help the body boost it's temperature. This often helps the fever to break and once the fever breaks you can start rebuilding the body by offering nutritious foods and continuing to get good rest.

    I don't use tablet pain relievers unless my children are shunting or are noticeably uncomfortable. If they can tolerate the fever well, then I let the fever do it's work.

    Also, if you give a pain reliever, it can actually make the illness last longer, because the body needs to increase it's temperature in order to kill off the pathogen that is causing the illness.

    You'll want to be sure that your daughter is not constipated and is having good bowel movements. I have a friend who gave her daughter a catnip tea enima and that cleared the fever right away. One of the first things I ask my children when they get fever, is when they had their last bowel movement, and then I watch for continuing bowel movements so that I know that toxins are leaving the body regularly. The more toxins the body has to deal with the harder it is for it to get well.

    If she is hungry now, you can give her bone broths or if you don't have the energy to make this, you can even give her some canned broth or boullion mixed with water. Fresh fruit may sound good to her, like watermellon. Sliced tomatoes or mashed avocado on a piece of toast may sound good to her too. But you want to be sure you keep up the fiber intake because using white bread will tend to cause constipation. And no sugar - sugar puts stress on the body and you need to be taking stress off of her body right now.

    Hope that helps.

    Warm regards,


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