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    Problems with VBAC


    I'd like to know some ways to help me go through VBAC. I really want to deliver my second child in a normal way. Of course, financially we are very challenged and paying for another Caesarean delivery is really a big problem. My first kid was 42 weeks and I was induced for 24 hours but she did not come out. This is the reason why I first had a Caesarean delivery.

    Please give me tips on what I should do to help myself get a normal delivery on November.

    Thank you in advance.

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    There are two things that come to mind that would help you avoid a C-Section next time.

    1. Stop eating sugar and simple carbohydrates. Simple carbs are converted to glucose quickly and some women who eat a lot of sugar or simple carbohydrates during pregnancy have big babies (their babies grow larger than babies where the mom does not eat sugar). A large baby can be a reason why some doctors do C-Sections.

    2. Find a practitioner who has a low C-Section rate. Most midwives have a VERY low C-Section rate and having a home birth with a midwife is also much less expensive than a hospital birth. There are many good midwives that do VBACs. If I were you, I would start looking for a good midwife for two reasons - to have the highest chance of avoiding another C-Section, and to save money on the birth.

    Midwives will also work with you to do natural inductions if you reach 42 weeks so that you can give birth at home without having to be artificially induced. Inductions often lead to a number of interventions, the final being a C-Section if you're not progressing fast enough.

    Please post back with your thoughts/concerns and we will give you more information to help you have the birth you want.

    Here's a wonderful video of a mum who gave birth at home. I thought of this video when I read that you have a 2 year old because this video shows how amazing a home birth experience can be for the entire family.

    I'm going to post another video below, a water birth video. I had 5 homebirths and the last 2 were water births.

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    And here's a video of a water birth. Mum does cry out as she's pushing, but as you'll see in her annotations she says it's SO worth it! Look at how relaxed and calm this mum is in between contractions, and how calm the midwife is. Homebirths are amazing experiences and the best way to bring a baby into the world. It's very calm and safe for baby, no bright lights, no aggressive touching and interventions.

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