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    pills and still got pregnant

    Someone I know took her hormonal pills and still she got pregnant. How is it possible? And, how can it affect the baby?

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    When a woman conceives while on the pill it is recommended that she stop her birth control pills immediately because the pill could possibly cause a miscarriage.

    Often the reason a woman conceives while on the pill is if she doesn't take it per the schedule, or if she misses a day or more.

    Sometimes if the woman is taking a low dose birth control pill or "mini-pill" then ovulation can occur due to a lack of strong enough hormones. Women who are breastfeeding will often opt for the lower dose pill because some of the hormones from the pill cross into the breastfmilk, and we don't want baby ingesting much of these hormones.

    An excellent alternative to the birth control pill is natural family planning, which has the same high rate of avoiding conception when it is used properly.

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