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Thread: breast engorgement

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    breast engorgement

    What are effective home remedies/interventions for breast engorgement?

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    Engorgement often happens within the first few days after birth if baby is not put to the breast frequently and sucking effectively.

    One thing that can help is to be sure baby is suckling often at the breast from the time he/she is born. Having baby tucked in bed with you makes it easier to breastfeed often, and if you're in the hospital at birth, having baby room in with you is very beneficial.

    If you have very large breasts the fill with a lot of milk, sometimes you can work with a lactation consultant who can help you wrap your breasts in cabbage leaves. You want to be careful if you're going to use cabbage leaves because it can actually greatly reduce and stop your milk supply, but for someone who overproduces and has very large breasts, using cabbage leaves as directed can be helpful in avoiding engorgement.

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