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    Talking Delivery Options

    I am Ann,aged 42.

    My last delivery was in 2000 June and it was a normal one. Now I am planning to go for a second kid.

    What are the changes of me having a normal delivery this time. I am asking this question because there is a long gap after my first delivery and now I am aged forty plus. Do you advise a water delivery this time considering my age?


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    I would absolutely encourage you to plan for a water birth this time around. Water births are WONDERFUL for both baby and mum.

    I would also encourage you to start interviewing midwives in your area. I interviewed my midwife 2 years before my first baby was born. By the time I got pregnant, I had chosen my midwife and felt very confident with her. She also answered all my questions and did any checks that my Gynecologist would have done. Once I had a midwife, I only wanted to use a midwife for all of my "female" needs. She was also very knowledgeable about breastfeeding and came to my home after the baby was born to check on me. A wonderful experience.

    You can also have a water birth in some hospitals, and sometimes you can find a midwife who will deliver your baby in the hospital, but I'd definitely consider a home birth first.

    Warm regards,


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