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    Problem with breastfeeding

    My son who is 5 month old is fed with formula milk since he is having trouble sucking because of cleft palate. I even pumped milk using electric pump but no use.Now my breast milk is dried up.I'm planning to nurse him after his cleft palate surgery which will happen when he around a year. For that i need to re-lactate. Guide me how I can re-lactate.

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    Hi ibrualfi,

    I commend you for your desire to breastfeed your son after his surgery. That is wonderful. Relactating can take a lot of effort, and the best person to guide you in this, online, is Dr. Jack Newman.

    Here's a page that has a lot of links to pages on his site that talk about re-lactation and the use of a medication called Domperidone (which helps with re-lactation). It's not a "magic bullet" but should be used in conjunction with everything else he recommends. Go to Dr. Jack Newman's website and do a search for "domperidone". Also look for an article on increasing milk supply.

    My biggest concern is actually whether your son will take to the breast again. He will be a year old and very used to a bottle nipple. You may want to do some internet searches for mums who have re-lactated in order to feed their babies, and what they had to go through to get their babies to even take the breast again. Especially search for babies who have been off the breast for more than 6 months. I think you would be heartbroken if you went to all the effort to re-lactate, only to have your son reject the breast.

    I'm a huge proponent of breastfeeding, but in this situation, it may be best to focus on preparing your body for your next baby, and then relish in that breastfeeding experience.

    Warm regards,


    The LaLeche League also has a page to help with re-lactation.

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