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    breast milks

    I have been breastfeeding my baby for 2 months. Since I am going to back to work in a few weeks from now, I just wonder if how long it has to stay in the refrigerator for the milk before it expires? Let say, hours or is it days for breast milks?

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    Breastmilk can be safely stored...

    -At room temperature for 4 hours (ideal) to 6 hours (acceptable), some sources state up to 8 hours is acceptable.
    -In the fridge for 3 days (ideal) to 8 days (acceptable).
    -In the freezer for 6 months (ideal) up to 12 months (acceptable).

    Please let me know if that answered your question or if you have any other questions.

    Warm regards,


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    When you feed your baby the expressed breast milk it is now advised not to shake the milk as this can degrade the enzymes in the milk. You can gently stir it to mix the fore-milk and hind-milk back together.

    It is also possible to 'cup feed' your baby the expressed milk. Some mums do this to reduce the chance of nipple confusion (this is where the baby gets confused between drinking from an artificial nipple and the breast and then has difficulties latching onto the breast). Some sources say to avoid giving a baby an artificial nipple until the mum has been breastfeeding for 12 weeks (as breastfeeding will then be very well established).

    I know it can be tricky to balance all this with going back to work but I think you are making a great choice for you and your baby.

    Best wishes,

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    Thank you so much.

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    You are very welcome. Do let us know how you get on - we'll be thinking of you

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    Hello fmadrigal,

    Are you back to work yet? If so, how is it going?



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