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    constipated infant

    My baby defacates like every 2 days. He is having a hard time to defecate and I would it because he is having a forcefrom his body. Is it safe to have him drink a water like 2oz even if he is just 2 months old?

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    Is your baby breast or formula fed? I would not recommend giving a 2 month old water. It is too soon and unlikely to help with this issue, but instead may create more problems.

    Having a bowel movement every other day is pretty normal for a two-month-old, if the bowel movements are hard and seem to be causing distress, it is likely something in his diet. You may need to change formulas or alter your diet slightly if breastfeeding.

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    The baby is doing both, Breast and Formula. But now, there was a change on his bowel movement. It went more on liquid.

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    Formula fed babies will tend to be constipated and you'll see and hear them grunt. When they have a bowel movement it will be like "pellets". Formula mixed with breastmilk may not be as formed but baby may still have a hard time.

    I would encourage you to breastfeed your baby as much as possible. Breastmilk will produce very soft stools which are easy to pass. I'd also encourage you to pump when you can and then offer breast milk anytime you would normally offer formula.

    You can also offer prunes in babyfood form as this will often help relieve constipation.

    I know baby is older now. How is he doing? How are you doing? Are you starting to become anxious to introduce solids? Many parents are, and 6 months is a great age to start determining if your child is ready or not.

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    It sounds like it could be the formula, as Kate pointed out, formula fed babies are far more likely to be constipated. It could also be a milk allergy or nothing at all, it is really hard to say.

    How is the baby doing now? I second the recommendation of giving as much breastmilk as possible. If the problem persists and you feel you cannot do without the formula, you may need to try another, more gentle type. Exclusively breastfed babies tend to have watery, yellowish stools which have little odour and come out quite easily. Formula fed babies tend to have hard, more adult-like stools.

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