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    chances of getting pregnant


    I just turned 38 and we would like to have a baby. What are the chances of getting pregnant at the age of 38?

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    On average a woman who is in her late 30's probably has somewhere between 5%-10% chance of conceiving each month. This can be increased by watching your fertility signs so you know exactly when you're fertile and when to make love.

    I had my 4th child at age 38 and my 5th child just 1 month short of my 41st birthday. Having a child in your late 30's is wonderful and I wish you all the best.

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    5%-10% chance is too small ... I hope I can still make it. Thanks for this info.

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    Hi wishtobemum,

    When you figure that the average couple has a 20% chance of conceiving each month and you see how many people actually conceive, 5%-10% isn't that small.

    When my husband finally decided he was ready to try for a baby, he only gave me one month to try. At that point, I figured I'd better study everything I could about how to get pregnant, and increase my odds from 20% to closer to 100%. I had waited 7 years, and I was desperate for a baby.

    So I learned how to watch my body's fertility signs so I would know when I was fertile, and I also had my husband take some vitamins and I took some supplements too and we cleaned up our diet. I needed to act as if I was already pregnant, in order to increase those odds. This meant that I would not do or eat or even expose myself to anything that I wouldn't do or eat or expose myself to if I were pregnant.

    We had 3 months of preconception care, and then when my husband said it was time, I was able to conceive that month. Again, I only had one month to try, so I had to figure out how to do it if I wanted any chance of having a child. Once that first baby was born, my husband decided he wanted more, and we now have 5 children. But I will also say that when we tried for baby #4, I went through a year where I was not ovulating, so I worked with my nutritionist and my doctor, got the tests needed, and figured out what I needed to do with my nutrition and lifestyle in order to increase my fertility and help my body to start ovulating again.

    I worked hard, and after a year, I started ovulating again. As soon as I saw those good signs of fertility return, we timed our baby making sex perfectly, and I conceived.

    So there really are two things you need to know very well.

    1. How to read your body's signs to know whether you are fertile or not.

    2. What to do to increase your fertility so that you can have good fertile type mucus and be more fertile even at 38 years of age.

    Both of these things will increase your odds of conceiving a healthy baby.

    There are many things you can do and we have an excellent article on this website, written by our resident midwife, Jane, which is all about Planning for Pregnancy with Preconception Care.

    We know it takes about 4 months for a woman's egg to develop into a mature egg that is capable of being fertilized, and we also know that it takes about 4 months for men to develop sperm. If you do 3 to 4 months of preconception care before conceiving, your eggs and sperm will be of higher quality. High quality eggs and sperm = higher chance of conception of a healthy baby, and lower chance of miscarriage.

    The man's sperm plays a large part in the health of the baby and also in the miscarriage rate because if he is not producing healthy sperm that can swim well, and that have good genetics, you will have a harder time getting pregnant and/or you have miscarriages, often so early that you don't even know you were pregnant.

    Some of the major things you and your husband can do to increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby are:

    - Avoid smoking and avoid being around second hand smoke
    - Avoid all recreational drugs
    - Avoid all alcohol (if you wouldn't drink it while pregnant, DON'T drink it now)
    - Avoid coffee and caffeine, as some studies have shown that caffeine can reduce your fertility by up to 50%
    - Avoid processed foods like sugar, white flour, fast food, and packaged food at the grocery store. If it comes in a package, it doesn't have nearly as many fertility enhancing nutrients as it would if it came fresh from the tree or the plant or the animal.
    - Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, being sure you are eating a variety of colors. Think of a rainbow, and put all the colors of the rainbow in your salad. Deep green lettuce, tomatoes, blueberries, carrots, beets, etc. The more colors of fruits and vegetables you get in your salad, the larger the array of nutrients you'll be putting in your body.
    - Be sure you are getting enough essential fatty acids each day. Cod Liver oil and flax oil are good sources of this.
    - Be sure you are getting enough high quality fats like avocado and olive oil. An avocado a day is very healthy.
    - Be sure you are getting enough high quality protein like wild fish with low mercury levels and organic beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, etc. High quality protein like animal protein offers the whole spectrum of amino acids (rice and beans don't offer this full spectrum) and amino acids help in creating high quality eggs that can be fertilized after ovulation.

    *IMPORTANT* Be sure you are drinking plenty of pure water each day. This will help to move toxins and pesticides out of your body, balance hormones and create higher quality cervical mucus during your fertile window. For a man it will help create higher quality sperm and more seminal fluid.

    Green smoothies are a wonderful way to get a lot of good greens into your diet. Here's a green smoothie recipe for beginners that's really yummy.

    I hope this gives you some ideas on how you can increase your fertility and feel free to post back with any questions as you embark upon your new preconception program.

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    Hi I saw this thread and I just want to know, I'm 28 and only have my left partial ovary because of dermoid cysts. What are the chances of me getting pregnant? Thank you.

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    Hi readytobeamum,

    I'm going to share a very inspiring video with you, showing you how acupuncture, herbs and diet can result in pregnancy for someone who has only a very small part of one ovary remaining.

    Isn't that amazing? Acupuncture and herbs can be very powerful when you're treated by someone who is an expert in fertility and pregnancy. I would encourage you to find an acupuncturist who can help to stimulate your ovary to produce high quality eggs.

    What do you think?

    Warm Regards,


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    I feel more energized with this video and I have gained yet another great advise from you miss Kate. Thank you so much. Yes I do believe in chinese traditional medicine and I know that this would help me a lot thank you.

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    I agree with Kate. Many women that have been told they will never have children have done so by working hard on diet, lifestyle, acupuncture, herbs, supplements etc. You just need to work at your health, as health is a continual journey.

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    Well first of all you need to be actively trying and secondly get your body into the best shape you can physically, nutritionally and mentally. Agreed that acupuncture can really help - I've known many conceive following treatment when told medically they were not capable.

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    I have been on birth control for about 9 months now and up until two months ago I've had a regular period. Two months ago I had very little breakthrough bleeding the third week on my pills and no period while on the placebos. This month I haven't had any breakthrough bleeding and I didn't have a period.
    I know that taking birth control can shorten the length of your period and even make it so you don't have one. But what are the chances getting pregnant when that happens?

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