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    Iron Deficiency


    I am currently 33 wks pregnant and has a strong case of iron deficiency. I mostly faint and my blood pressure drops down. Back when I was still carrying my first child, I remember being treated by injecting Iron-sucrose by my Obstetrician. Now on my second, I was just advised to take time off from work already and take some over the counter iron supplements. My question is, what do I have to eat or what kinds of food do I have to eat to help me treat or remedy this iron deficiency that I have.

    Thanks! Looking forward to your reply.


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    Hello Cristina,

    I also dealt with iron deficiency during my first and second pregnancy. Try taking your iron supplement first thing in the morning, with something that offers a high source of vitamin C, such as orange juice. Vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron more effectively, dairy does just the opposite.

    Make sure you are eating plenty of iron rich foods and whenever possible, pair those with a good source of vitamin C as well.

    Some herbal remedies, such as Alfalfa are believed to raise iron levels as well. You can generally find dried and encapsulated quite easily.

    Also, when it comes to over-the-counter iron supplements, Floradix comes highly recommended. It is more bio available than iron pills and less likely to cause stomach discomfort of constipation. Speaking of which, make sure you are getting plenty of water, as this will help to combat constipation and reduce your risk of developing hemorrhoids.


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    Hi Cristina,

    You would probably greatly benefit by eating a lot of dark green leafy vegetables. Green smoothies can help you get more greens in your diet (greens have iron and lots of good vitamins and minerals).

    I would also encourage you to take time off from work and relax more. You may also find that eating foods high in salt make you feel better and help to keep your blood pressure up. Foods that are natural in sodium are celery and tomatoes. I have low blood pressure too and I found that I could eat an entire can of olives at one sitting - I needed that salt.

    Here's a video showing you how to make a green smoothie that's full of good nutrition for you and your baby.

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    Green smoothies are a great idea!

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    Juicing greens is a good idea. You might want to look up for some recipes (you'd be surprised there are a lot). You would see how juicing can change your life. All you need is a good juicer to make you a delicious drink.

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    Many physician suggest the Juicing greens during pregnancy.

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    Sounds delicious and nutritious! I will be trying this

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