hello :-) please help. i am stressing about the paternity
on the 2nd of January i had protected and safe sex with a condom. i had my period from the 7th until the 12th of January. i then took a blood test on the 12th of January stating a negative pregnancy result. i had unprotected sex for the rest of the month and my first scan on Feb 20 stated i was 5 weeks 6 days and due date 16/10/12.
my nuchal scan on April 10 said i was 13 weeks but according 2 the measurement it was probably 2 or 3 days more. i had a 3rd scan done on April 20 due 2 bleeding and it stated i was 14 weeks 4 days making my due date 15/10/12. only one day off my due date.
in December my lmp was 9th of December but a short period. January period i was bleeding quite heavy bright red blood and period lasted 6 days.
did i get pregnant from the January 2nd event with a condom? or after my period?
thank you so much xxx