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    Planning to have kids and I need tips on gentle parenting.

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    That's great that you want to adopt a gentle parenting style. The underlying philosophy about gentle parenting is to respect your babies and children (and they will grow up respecting you) and to follow what is naturally the best way of caring for them.

    For most mums and dads who follow gentle parenting this involves all or some of:

    - Breastfeeding: nature's perfect milk for little stomachs - designed to be easily digested and to give the baby increased immunity from infections and lifelong health benefits (e.g. reduced risk of obesity). It is also an unsurpassed way for mum and baby to bond and to emotionally and socially support their little one.

    - Baby wearing: using a baby carrier to keep your baby close to you and to bond with your baby. Baby wearing is known to reduce the risk and severity of postnatal depression. It also helps to calm babies and aids their communication skills because they have an excellent view of their parent's face.

    - Co-sleeping: safely sharing a bed with your baby so that you can easily comfort them and breastfeed on demand through the day and night.

    -Gentle discipline: as your baby becomes a child continuing to treat them with respect and explaining to them what is safe to do rather than just imposing rules for their own sake or using punishment.

    Every area of parenting can become one which follows a gentle approach. Respecting your baby and not being swayed by societies expectations/ parenting methods are key in this approach. But really if you just do what comes naturally and follow your maternal instincts you are very likely to be using gentle parenting!

    As you can probably tell it's something I am passionate about as I believe it leads to happy, healthy and active kids.

    Best wishes,

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