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    birth choice

    For first time mothers, what would be the best birth choice?

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    I think your birth choice has to be you, and your partner's, decision. It is a good idea to find out as much as possible about the different birth options available to you and to make a well-informed decision. Ultimately, you have to feel comfortable with your birth plan/birth hopes.

    Some of the choices to consider include:

    - Where do you want to have your baby? Would you feel most comfortable having your baby in a: hospital, midwife-led birthing centre or at home? Factors which might influence this decision include: past experiences of hospitals, your feelings towards pain relief during labour (at home gas and air is generally the only option, in a birthing unit this is likely to be gas and air or pethidine, in a hospital you can add to this list the option of an epidural), how far you live to the hospital, if you want to have a natural birth, if you have twins etc.

    - Do you like the idea of a natural birth? Having an Active Birth where you move around freely during the labour is known to reduce the likelihood of interventions such as forceps or the need for a c-section.

    - Would you consider taking a Hypnobirthing course . In Hypnobirthing you learn to deeply relax and that labour should be a joyful and natural event.

    - You need to think about your care provider (this varies for where you live) e.g. choosing a midwife who will support you in a natural birth if this is what you choose.

    - What pain relief options do you want to consider - look at the advantages and disadvantages of each. e.g. a tens machine is a natural pain relief option but cannot be used in water, an epidural will remove all the feelings of pain from the waist down but increases the chance of having interventions.

    Lots to think about but gathering all the information is the best way to choose how you want your beautiful baby to arrive in the world. This website has lots of useful resources to help you with making these decisions.

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    My personal birth choice is a home waterbirth with a skilled midwife in attendance. This way I am not stressed about who will attend to me during labour, and who will catch the labour during delivery.

    I can also choose to labour and give birth in whatever position is most comfortable to me and whichever position helps labour and delivery progress faster (I'm all for getting it over with as quickly as possible without intervention).

    I was also able to eat and drink whatever I wanted and I didn't have to have an IV or hep-lock inserted into my hand when I went into labour. Heart tone monitoring was done externally, on my belly, in between contractions and there was no internal monitor screwed into the scalp of my baby's head.

    I researched it all 2 years before trying to conceive and was fully confident with what I wanted by the time I got pregnant.

    Researching ahead of time was one of the best things I've ever done. I hope you're able to research your options ahead of time so that you can feel confident with the choices you make for your birth.

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    As a doula, midwifery student, and someone who has birthed both at home and in the hospital, I say the ideal birth choice for any mother is the one that they are most comfortable with and most desire. =)

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