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    Failure of IVF/ICSI in 1st cycle

    Hi All,

    Why would there be any failure when there are extracted eggs and sperms during ICSI/IVF? Why is the success rate in each cycle is only guaranteed to be 33% only? What is the stopping factor to move up to 100% in this highly technologically advanced world?


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    There are many factors that influence success or failure of pregnancy even when egg and sperm are put together, such as the case of ICSI.

    Here are a few:

    1. Quality of egg - an older egg or low quality egg will often have cromosomal abnormalities which causes miscarriage.

    2. Quality of sperm - poor quality sperm can also have cromosomal abnormalities which can cause miscarriage.

    3. Hormonal imbalance in the woman - if hormones are out of balance, the body can have a difficult time sustaining pregnancy.

    It takes a lot of different things happening at precisely the right time in order for pregnancy to be successful. One thing you can do to increase your odds of having a successful pregnancy is to be sure you adopt a good preconception diet and lifestyle at least 4 months before conception.

    Another thing you can do is to work with a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner who can help to balance hormones and increase egg and sperm quality through acupuncture and herbs. Some TCM practitioners have had excellent results and have a success rate of closer to 60%.

    When you address the root cause of infertility chances of successful pregnancy increases.

    Warm Regards,


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