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    Bleeding at 7 weeks

    Hi there.

    I am nearly 7 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby but have been experiencing a lower back ache for a couple of days. I have also had some bleeding. I haven't had any cramping or pain only a bit of wind pain. I had a bad uti last week which was fixed up with some panadol and a course of 5 amoxils. I have done 5 pregnancy tests at home (including yesterday) and every one says positive but the lines have became darker each time, making the positive stand out more than before. Apart from all this I feel great, like I am glowing. I am quite stressed about what is going on and having 2 other beautiful children to care for can add to the stress sometimes with homework and daily jobs. I haven't really been resting as much as I probably should be, I am still working in the restaurant at the hotel and doing the washing, ironing, dishes the usual daily needs of a housewife. Do you think I am overdoing it?

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    Though bleeding during early pregnancy is not normal, it does happen to a lot of women without issue. Are you seeing a doctor or midwife for monitoring? Have you bled since overcoming the UTI? Did you have sex in the days prior to the bleeding? How much blood did you lose?

    If the pregnancy test continues to be positive and get darker, you are probably just fine. Sure, if you can take some time off and rest that is a fabulous idea, but as a working mother I understand that it is not always a possibility. It's unlikely that your chores and work have caused issues for you, so do not let that stress you too much.


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    Hi MummaAl,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! To avoid UTI in the future, you can drink cranberry juice or take cranberry extract in supplement form Works really well and then you won't need the antibiotics during your pregnancy. You can take this every day. Be careful with the juice, as most cranberry juice has sugar in it because cranberry is very sour, like lemon.

    I would highly recommend that anytime you see blood, that you sit and rest, and that you rest on the weekends, training your other children to help as much as possible. I start training my children to help out with chores at 2 years of age. At that age they can fold washcloths, help set the table, help clear the table of their dishes, etc. By the time they are 3 and 4, they can do a lot more, and at 5, I have them washing the dishes in the sink (on a stool). They don't wash the glass items or sharp knives until they are older.

    As much help as you can get is a good idea.

    Warm Regards,


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