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    Neo-natal Tooth a hormonal Imabalance?

    Is having a neo-natal tooth a sign of hormonal imbalance?

    When I gave birth to my eldest daughter three years ago, it all surprised us to learn that she already had two teeth (neo-natal teeth). These were lower front teeth. Both were also fully developed. It was first time for us to see something like this. And to our amazement, we all believed that it was a sign of good luck. Having said this incident, I still would like to ask if a neo-natal tooth is a sign of hormonal imbalance.
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    Hi mumjane,

    My health visitor was talking about teeth development, at the breastfeeding support group I attend, this week. She said that some babies can be born with teeth. If this happens the health visitor advised checking them with a dentist but in most cases when this occurs they will be normally formed. It often tends to be hereditary.

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    Hi LJ,

    Thanks for the response. I really appreciate it. Honestly, this incident was first time for our family. We were all glad to experience it. However, the teeth were extracted by an ENT doctor even before we had discharged from the hospital. The doctor said these teeth won't last for a long time and might cause my baby to aspirate both of them. It was quite sad, but I kept the teeth as souvenirs. It's been 3 years but my child teeth aren't replaced by new ones yet. We're just waiting for them though.

    Again, thanks


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    Hi Mumjane,

    This is interesting about your daughter's neonatal teeth. I'm wondering if they were her baby teeth (just came in early) and if you won't see replacements until she is 6 to 8 years old, when her adult front teeth would normally come in.


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    I was born with a tooth. It was indeed my baby tooth and it fell out when I was around six. My parents talk about it all the time. It was no big issue for me though, hurt my mum a bit during early breastfeeding, but that is all!

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    Very interesting to hear of another who was born with a tooth. Also interesting that it was a baby tooth. Guessing that MumJane's baby will have empty space where the tooth was pulled until baby is 6 years or so.

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