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    Hi, my two months old baby boy was admitted yesterday in the hospital and is having a very high fever at 39.9 celcius. He is having a UTI as the doctor's diagnosis. I would like to ask any recommendations or suggestions with regard to this because we were advice that he will be undergoing circumcision. Is it fine for a two month old baby? because the Physician said that the baby will be sedated. I am just very nervous about it.

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    I can fully understand your nervousness. I had both of my boys circumcised within the first 2 weeks of life, but they did not put them under general anesthesia. They used some local numbing medication.

    Did your doctor do this already, or will he do it when your son's fever is down. I would definitely try to avoid doing a procedure like this while the child has fever because.


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    Thank you, Kate. Everything is well now. And yes, you are right that the procedure can not be done if there is still fever because fever would still mean infection.

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    Circumcision is certainly not without risk. Hundreds of babies die every year undergoing the procedure. I would think very carefully about putting your child through that because of a UTI. Why not just give him antibiotics and be more careful with diaper changes?

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    And by the way there is no way to tell that a two month old has phimosis. His foreskin should not be retracted at this point, period.

    Please read the following:

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