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    Hi, when I was pregnant I was having a difficulty defecating as I was constipated. Everytime I defecate, it bleeds. So I wonder what causes that?

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    Hemorrhoids plague many women during and after childbirth. They are a result of chronic constipation or aggressive straining during labor and birth. The best thing you can do to prevent hemorrhoids is drink plenty of water everyday, at least 6 to 8 full glasses. You should also consume plenty of leafy green vegetables as part of well-balanced diet. You will need to pay especially close attention to diet and water consumption if you are taking an iron supplement.

    For hemorrhoids that are already in place, witch hazel can be very soothing. My chiropractor also suggested that women with hemorrhoids elevate their feet when sitting on the toilet to defecate, as this helps to get the body in a position closer to nature and reduces the strain. If the bleeding and pain remain persistent, you may need to consider getting an exam from a medical professional.


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    Thank you so much.

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    Mom2Many has given some excellent advice.

    Progesterone raises as soon as conception occurs, in an effort to sustain pregnancy. It will rise dramatically during pregnancy and can contribute to constipation.

    Liquid Chlorophyll can be an easy supplement to take and it is wonderful during pregnancy for nourishing mum and baby, for increasing iron levels in mum (helps you avoid having to take an iron supplement that causes constipation) and also loosens the bowels which makes it easier to have a bowel movement.

    You can also get your chlorophyll through leafy greens, as mom2many mentioned, and an easy way to do this is to make green smoothies. Green smoothies can be made in a blender with fruits of your choice, and then add spinach or kale or green leafy lettuce or greens. The sweetness of the fruits help to cover the "green" taste and it's actually very pleasant. My favorite is bananas, pineapple and orange or strawberries.

    I hope that during your next pregnancy you'll have some new ideas on how to avoid hemorrhoids. Drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of fiber and taking in plenty of greens/chlorophyll should help tremendously.

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