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Thread: coffee for pregnancy

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    coffee for pregnancy

    Hi. I was drinking coffee everyday during my first, second and third trimester. I would like to ask if is there a "strong" effect to the baby by caffein?

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    Hi fmadrigal,

    Here is a site that can help you to know the effects of caffeine (found in coffee and other drinks) during pregnancy and how you can avoid or stop the "addiction", if I may say.

    Hope it helps.

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    The major risks related to high caffeine consumption during pregnancy are premature birth, miscarriage, and increased blood pressure. It also dehydrates the body quickly, which is dangerous during pregnancy and robs the body of nutrients.

    You say you had coffee throughout the pregnancy. If you have already had the baby and s/he is fine I would not worry about it at this point.

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    I'd also like to add that if you had hemorrhoids after your last birth, that the coffee drinking could have contributed to this because, as mom2many mentioned, it is a diuretic that tends to move too much water out of the body. Too much water out, and not enough water in (water, not coffee) can cause constipation which can lead to hemorrhoids.

    Avoiding coffee during pregnancy... it's a good thing

    Warm regards,


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