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Thread: When does post partum ends?

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    When does post partum ends?

    Hi there. I just gave birth 2 months ago and I wonder what are the signs of post partums and when or what month does it ends? Thanks.

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    Fmadrigal are you referring to postpartum depression? Healing?

    Assuming you are talking about postpartum depression, it usually begins at around two weeks following birth, though it can begin prior to that, and if untreated it can last for years. Here is helpful video that talks about the effects of PPD and features several women who discuss their experiences with the disorder.

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    I am sorry for the confusion. Yes, thanks for that as I am referring to postpartum depression.

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    Hi fmadrigal,

    I am sorry if you are suffering from postnatal depression. The common signs of this include:

    - feeling sad for long periods
    - a low mood you cannot break out of
    - feeling unable to bond with your baby
    - low energy
    - some women experience a low appetite
    - feeling constantly tired

    It can last from a couple of weeks, months (most common) or up to two years if left untreated.

    The important thing is that it is a temporary condition if treated. It is important to ask for help if you are experiencing some of the symptoms above. Around 1 in 6 women suffer from this condition so your doctor can help you to access counselling, local support groups or medication (if required). It's also important to get as much support from your family and friends and to not feel lonely or guilty.

    Please do let me know if this has helped.

    We are here to support you on this forum.

    Best wishes,


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    Be sure you are taking in plenty of high quality nutrition. This can be in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables and high quality nutrients like prenatal vitamins and a high quality "multi-B" supplement. A multi-B will help with your mood.

    Postnatal depression is often a chemical imbalance within the body which happens because the body has gone through so many hormonal changes and because the body has been through a huge amount of stress in creating a child, nourishing that child (and your body) and giving birth.

    On top of that, usually a new mum doesn't get the nourishment she needs or the rest she needs because she is so buy caring for her new baby and many mums don't have help from someone who can prepare nourishing food for her and help her care for her child.

    Be sure you are getting as much rest as possible and that you're making a point of eating nourishing foods, and be sure you're continuing with your prenatal vitamins.

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    Hi fmadrigal,

    Just wondering how you are feeling and if you found any of our suggestions helped? If not we can give some more ideas.

    Best wishes,


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    How are you fmadrigal?


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    It is important to ask for help if you are experiencing some of the symptoms above.

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