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    breast milk as early as 6 months


    I already have breast milk as early as 6 months in my current pregnancy. I want to know if the milk is safe to let my daughter who is turning 2 years old to drink it? Is it okay? I mean is that milk clean? I want to pump it to make sure I have plenty of milk. You see, this is my first time to breastfeed a child if ever. I was not able to give my first one lots of milk, and I just pump it for her. This would really help me.


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    It will not hurt your two-year-old, it is certainly clean and fine to drink, but I wouldn't really recommend that you pump right now. What your body is likely producing right now is called colostrum, it is a super-fatty pre-milk that is full of specially formulated antibodies. When you give birth the hormones in your body will kick in and prompt you to produce more colostrum for a few days, followed by regular breast milk. Your baby will supply the demand necessary to make plenty of milk, the fact that you are already producing is a good sign. If you were currently breastfeeding your two-year-old, my advice would be different. But since she is not on the breast, I would just let things happen naturally. Once your new baby is here and regularly consuming milk, there is no reason you can't pump extra to share with your two-year-old if you so choose.

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    Wow thanks a lot! This is really helpful.

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    How much milk are you producing? Is it bothersome to you? Does it wet your bra to the point where you have to change it?

    There is a condition that you may need to talk to your midwife or doctor about that can cause premature milk production in pregnant women.

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