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    position for breast feeding

    I am a breast feeding mom to my 2 month old son. I just wonder what other positions would you recommend everytime I am breast feeding.

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    What positions do you normally use? I always found lying down on my side with the baby on their side facing me was helpful during the first few months. It helped me to get much needed rest while still providing comfort and nourishment for my tiny babe.

    This helpful video has tips for breastfeeding and shows many positions, including the side lying one that I described above.

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    That's a great video that shows different positions for breastfeeding.

    I'm going to take it one step further and mention that if you're having any soreness in your breast or red areas that could be caused by plugged milk ducts, you can also have your baby lay on the floor, and then hang your breast over baby and let baby empty the breast while the breast is hanging (not compressed against your body). This is not an "every day" breastfeeding position because it's not very comfortable, but can be invaluable when you need to unplug a milk duct.

    I also wanted to clarify that in the video above they say that if you're feeling tired you should not breastfeed while lying down. I disagree with this viewpoint. I breastfed all 5 of my children lying down every day because that's the way I got the best amount of rest. I'd just roll over, pop baby on the breast, and both of us would dose back to sleep.

    I always found it really easy to just roll back. Baby rolled back when he was done eating, and I rolled back too. Here are 2 great videos showing you more about feeding baby while you are both in bed.

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    I agree with Kate on the side lying while tired, I cosleep with my babies and they have always breastfed periodically through the night. There is research to show that this is the way things are supposed to occur. Breastfeeding reduces the odds of SIDS by up to 70% and if the mom is not obese, intoxicated, a smoker, or taking medications then cosleeping be a safe, viable alternative to separate bedding. In fact, it is safer than sleeping apart in many respects. =)

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    Good stats from mom2many. I was told that when you co-sleep with your baby SIDS is reduced (like mom2many said) because baby pattern's their breathing after mum's.

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    Thank you moms, those videos are very helpful for me.

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    Have you tried feeding in bed at night or during the day? Let me know if you've tried that and how it's going. Whether you have trouble with the latch and if it allows you to get more rest.

    Having a 2 month old is SO much fun - newborns and infants are my favorite age! Looking forward to becoming a grandmother at some point in the future... can't have any more of my own due to menopause.

    Warm regards,


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