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    Hi, my first child birth was Caesarean. My second was also Caesarean, I wonder how is it possible to give NSVD on the second child?

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    NSVD (Natural Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery) is often possible after a C-Section. Some of the biggest factors that contribute to having a successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) are where you choose to deliver your baby and who you choose to be your birth attendant.

    Midwives have the lowest C-Section rate, so that's where I would start (and actually one reason why I chose to have 5 homebirths with midwives). My first birth would most likely have ended up in a C-Section had I been in the hospital. But I had a very skilled midwife who had attended over 2,000 births, and she worked with me, having me labour in various positions to get baby into proper position. She did end up having to give me an episiotomy because baby's heart tones weren't recovering fast enough (I was pushing by this point) and she needed to get her hands on baby's head to help bring baby down and out.

    None of my other births required this (I didn't have an episiotomy with any of my other 4 births), but it really shows how very important it is that you have a skilled midwife attending your birth. She can intervene when needed, yet will allow your body to do all it can do on it's own, and this gives you the best possibility of avoiding a C-Section.

    Having your baby at home or in a birthing center is an other thing that can increase your chances of having an NSVD. Home helps you to be more relaxed (you're in your own environment, no IV's in your body "just in case", you can eat if you're hungry, and drink when you're thirsty). You can labour in whatever positions are comfortable for you and you can labour in the tub or take a walk around the block or just "slow dance" in your backyard if you want to. The more relaxed you are, the better your chances of avoiding a C-Section.

    I have a friend who had 2 hospital births - both ended up in C-Sections. For her 3rd baby she decided she wanted the best chance of having a VBAC, so she contracted with one of the midwives I had used, and she was able to give birth naturally at home.

    I'd say the biggest impact on your chances of having a VBAC would be choosing a care provider who has a very low C-Section rate and supports VBAC deliveries.

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    Thank you so much for that.

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    You're very welcome

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