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    Advantages for Waterbirth

    I gave birth for my 2 kids in Caesarean section. I would just like to ask the advantages of Waterbirth as I am not really familiar to it. It sounds interesting.

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    The biggest benefit of waterbirth is the pain relief it provides the mother. There are also psychological benefits and I believe it is an easier transition from the womb for the baby. You can read more about the benefits, as well as birth stories from women who have used the birthing pool here.

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    I had 5 homebirths - the first 3 were deliveries outside of the tub, and the last 2 were waterbirths.

    My last 2 births were the easiest of all. I did not tear with those two because the water really helped to relax the perineum. The warm water was very relaxing for me and helped me to relax which allowed me to progress faster so that the births were shorter.

    After my first waterbirth I realized that I would choose water over non-water every time. And the added benefit for baby was that the transition from womb to world was better.

    Please post any questions or comments about waterbirth here and we'll be happy to answer.

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    Thank you, Kate. That is very informative

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    You're welcome

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