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    Ovulating Test


    I've seen a lot of ovulating test (ovulation predictor kit) in the internet. They are quite expensive. Is this accurate?

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    I've found ovulation predictor kits to be very accurate. Especially if you follow the instructions on how to use them.

    Unlike pregnancy tests, you'll want to test your mid morning or early afternoon urine instead of your first morning urine. In a pregnancy test, any sign of the slightest test line is a positive test, whereas with ovulation predictor tests, if you get a lighter test line (compared to the reference line) the test is negative.

    However, if you get a test line that is the same color or darker than the reference line, this is a positive test and your body has released a surge of Luteinizing Hormone to help release the egg. Most eggs are released in 18 to 48 hours after the LH surge.

    Anyone have any further questions? Please post back.

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    In my experience ovulation kits are pretty accurate. I have friends who have used them to conceive, as well as a component of natural family planning. Sometimes you can order them online in bulk and get a better price, keeping up with your fertility in other ways can also deter some of the cost, since you will not be using them up on days that it is very unlikely you are ovulating.

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    great.. will try this then. Thank you both!

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    You're welcome. I wish you all the best, and feel free to post when you have questions or need encouragement.

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