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    how to have a baby girl or a baby boy

    I am already a mum of a healthy baby boy. This time when I get pregnant I want to make sure that I conceive a baby girl. So what should I do to make this plan successful?

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    Hi Carra,

    Have a look at this previous thread about swaying the odds of conceiving a baby girl.

    You may also like to read the book How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby by Shettles.

    Until I was a part of this forum I didn't think there was anything a husband and wife could do to affect whether they had a boy or girl but now I have read about the possible effect of the speed of the sperm and how changing the position you have sex in and the day (in terms of your monthly cycle) you have sex could have an impact on this.

    Of course, we can never have complete control over which sex baby we have and I have so thankful for every baby I have - whether my baby is a little boy or a little girl

    Best wishes,


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