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    pneumonia vaccination

    My daughter used to be under our family's Pedia. Now, we transferred to a different city and so I got a new doctor. Her new doctor got surprised that she was not given a pneumonia vaccination as early as 2 months. She is now turning 2 on September. My question is, is this okay? Should I worry? Is there any other available pneumonia vaccination that I can give her? If yes, what age? How can I possible protect her without that vaccine??

    Thank you

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    She should be able to get the pneumonia vaccine now. From what I understand, babies are given so many boosters because their bodies are constantly growing and changing. At this point I would imagine that the vaccine would be even more effective than it would have been at two months.

    As for protecting her from illness, just make sure you provide her a healthy, vitamin-rich diet. If you are particularly concerned, consider adding a probiotic to her diet. The human immune system is an amazing thing, it fights off illness all on its own, when allowed to do so. The human race survived for quite a long time without any immunizations at all.

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    Thank you so much for your advise. I was able to give her the shot. The doctor said there is this shot that compromises all she missed. Good thing I was able to ask before she turns two in two weeks time.
    I am very protective with my eldest daughter as she is really a treasure to me. I will keep all these in mind. Again, thank you.

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    I am currently studying a Masters of Design at COFA and completing my final assignment for this semester. I am interested in ways in which design can help pneumonia suffers, especially children. I am also interested in finding out ways in which pneumonia sufferers live day-to-day. I would like to hear about your experiences and the ways in which you coped. I don’t have pneumonia but I have had grandparents that have suffered from this disease.

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