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Thread: Fertile Day/s

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    Fertile Day/s


    I just want to understand what is the use of fertile days while you can possibly get pregnant during ovulation day only?

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    Because determining precise time of ovulation is an estimate. Also, sperm can survive inside of the body for a few days so the window of time for pregnancy is closer to three or four days, with one day being the most likely.

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    If you're trying to conceive, the benefit of having a fertile window (5 days when having sex would result in pregnancy) is that you can increase your odds of conceiving if you make love multiple times when you are producing fertile fluid. This means more sperm would be alive and waiting for the egg when it is released and would have a better chance of fertilizing the egg during it's 12-24 hours of life.

    Does this answer your question?

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    Yes Kate. This make sense. It is more on keeping the sperms alive during the fertility period due to fertile fluid.

    Thanks Kate and mom2many!

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    You're welcome - please post back if you have any specific questions about trying to conceive or avoiding pregnancy naturally by watching your body's personal fertility signs.

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