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    Hi there, I am a two month old mom and I wonder if I can just take pills without consulting my OB doctor? And how long does it usually take for your menstrual period to come back?

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    Regarding the return of the postpartum menstrual cycle, every woman is different. Most formula feeding mothers will have a return to fertility within 6-8 weeks, along with a period. Those who are breastfeeding may go up to two years without their period, but most will start to bleed again when their baby begins to eat solids, usually around six months.

    As for taking pills without consulting your physician, assuming you are referring to birth control pills, I would definitely consult them first, especially if you are breastfeeding. Some types of birth control pill are contraindicated during breastfeeding.

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    That's a great information. Thank you so much.

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    Yes - I agree with mom2man. You should consult with your midwife or physician about which birth control is best for you. Often times the mini-pill is prescribed for breastfeeding mums. This is a lower dose hormonal birth control pill because you don't want your baby being fed milk which has a lot of hormones in it.

    I would suggest you learn how to watch your body's fertility signs so that you know when you're fertile and when you're not. This way your baby won't get any extra hormones from your milk.

    By watching your body's fertility signs you'll also be able to tell when you're ovulating which will happen before you have your first period.

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    Thank you very much.

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