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    Hello there. I am a mom of two. A 5 year old baby girl and a 2 month old baby boy. Is there any chances for sibling rivalry in part of my 5 year old daughter? She seems to have a lot of tantrums from these past few months.

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    Having a new baby around is stressful for older children. I wouldn't necessarily consider it "sibling rivalry" but there is a chance that your daughter may have a difficult time learning to share her parents and space with.

    I would make a concerted effort to ensure your older child is getting quality, personal attention whenever possible.That and time will likely reduce the tantrums and other negative behavior.

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    I would encourage you to include your daughter as much as possible in helping with the baby. She can bring you nappies, wipes, clothing, burp clothes, nursing pads and blankets. She can burp the baby on her shoulder while you sit next to her.

    You can also encourage her to help you in the kitchen. She's at a wonderful age now where you can make cookies with her, or teach her how to scramble eggs and peel carrots.

    If you start to incorporate her more into the daily chores (washing down the bathroom, emptying the little waste baskets, etc.) she will feel like she's mommy's big helper, and this should feel special to her because baby can't do these things yet. Praise her for her help. Snuggle her and read a book to her while you breastfeed the baby.

    I think that if you do some of these things you'll find that the tantrums will diminish/stop and she will not develop any sibling rivalry with her baby brother.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Thank you so much for all the replies. I am actually doing some of the suggestions and I think my daughter is enjoying it.

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    So glad to hear that you've started incorporating some new ideas and that your daughter seems to be enjoying it.

    If she continues with any tantrums, then there are ways to "nip those in the bud", so to speak, so they don't continue. Poor behavior should never be tolerated, and a child will learn that it's not okay to throw a tantrum if you let them know their boundaries and don't give in when they push those boundaries.

    If she continues to throw tantrums and you want ideas for how to stop them, feel free to post back.

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