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Thread: baby cries after breast feeding

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    baby cries after breast feeding

    I have a two month old baby. I am breast feeding him. However, in the middle of the feeding, he cries a lot. Does that mean that I am out of milk? I am a working mom and the only time I can breastfeed him is after work.

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    Babies can do this for a lot of reason, especially at his age. It can be about running out of milk, having too intense of a flow, or gas caused by a sensitivity.

    Let me ask you some questions. You say that you only breastfeed after work, are you pumping while you are at work? How many times per day do you breastfeed? Also, have you tried switching sides when the baby begins to fuss?


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    I would like to know the answers to mom2many's questions too.

    Then we can give you some ideas on how to be sure you have enough milk, if this is the problem.

    Does your baby cry a lot while taking a bottle, or after a bottle feed? Is he getting breastmilk in his bottle or formula?

    Is your baby fussier before your let down (when you first put him to the breast) or during the actual feed?


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    Yes, I do breast feed after work and before work. However, I dont pump during work at all. I breast feed like around 3 times a day since I work during nights.

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    Hi, there. My baby cries after the breast feeding. That's the time that he cries a lot.

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    If your baby will take another feed after breastfeeding, then he is likely hungry and not getting enough milk. There are things you can do to increase your breastmilk supply.

    If your baby will not take another feed, then your baby could have a problem with digesting the milk and sometimes you can give a medication for this. I have a friend who has a 2 month old, and her daughter cried after every feed. She would not throw up, but she would arch her back and grimace and cry.

    The doctor said she had acid-reflux or gerd - I'm not sure which, but he gave the baby a prescription. They had to double the dose because the first dose was not helping. But after they got the dosage right, baby became a happy baby after feedings.

    I was very surprised at this because usually signs of acid-reflux are throwing up and baby not able to keep milk down well, but this baby did not do that.

    I would also wonder if baby may be sensitive to something in your milk if baby is taking formula when away from you, and doesn't cry after feeds. You could try eliminating dairy, sugar and wheat/gluten from your diet. I had a baby who was sensitive to the lectins in my milk from dairy products, even after I digested the dairy. Once I stopped all dairy, his symptoms cleared right up.

    Post back and let us know if you think baby is hungry after you're feeding him (he won't take a bottle) and if he is taking formula while you are away. If he's taking formula, let us know if he cries after those feeds too.

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