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    I used to smoke before I got pregnant. I wonder what are the causes of smoking while doing breast feeding?

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    I would encourage you not to smoke while you are breastfeeding and not to smoke around your child because your child will reap the bad effects of smoking by just breathing your second hand smoke.

    But what I want you to understand even more is what you are putting into your body, into your breastmilk, when you smoke.

    A cigarette has more than 4,000 ingredients in it other than “tobacco” and 60 of those ingredients are carcinogens which means they cause cancer. Just a few of them are “arsenic” which is rat poison, “cyanide” which is a deadly poison, “acetone” which is a polish remover and there’s an insecticide called “DDT” which has been banned in many countries and has caused sterility. Those are just a few of the 60 poisonous ingredients that you’re putting into your body when you smoke.

    I hope that information alone is enough to motivate you not to smoke again because if you do choose to smoke those chemicals will go into every cell of your body, including your "egg" cells. When you don't produce a high quality egg, the baby created from that egg (and your husband's sperm) could end up being born with a disease or a disability.

    It's best to protect your eggs and your baby by avoiding cigarettes and second hand smoke.

    Please let me know if you need any further information to help you protect yourself and your baby from the damages of cigarettes.

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    I am glad you no longer smoke fmadrigal - because, as Kate says above, the negative effects of smoking are widespread and long-lasting for both mother and child. I hope you are able to continue to not smoke and do remember there are lots of support groups/counselling/hypnotherapy sessions out there if you start to struggle with this. Smoking around children/babies in general has been shown to:

    -very worryingly, increase the risk of cot death
    -increase the chance of suffering from infections and childhood illnesses
    -dramatically increase the chance of a child later developing lung cancer
    -make it more likely to suffer with allergies
    and, unfortunately, so the list goes on.

    In terms of breastfeeding specifically, studies show that smoking breastfeeding mums:

    -produce less breast milk
    -have less iodine in their breast milk (which is a nutritional requirement for babies)
    -are more likely to wean earlier
    -have problems with let-down

    I hope this information is helpful for you.

    Best wishes,


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    I do want to thank all of you who replied with my questions. I will definitely continue not to smoke because I am afraid that it might be the reason if ever my child will get ill, which I hope not since I was smoking before I got pregnant. Well, those are very informative and thank you again.

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    I'm glad this information was helpful for you fmadrigal. Well done on continuing to not smoke and please let us know if you need any more support with this.

    Best wishes,


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