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Thread: PTB for kids

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    PTB for kids

    Hi. My partner was diagnosed with PTB minimal. I am really concerned about the kids because they are very close to each other and I am very worried that he can contaminate their health. Can I ask some precautions that would help me save their health?

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    Have you had your children tested for PTB? It is quite contagious. If they have been exposed to your partner's illness, they should be tested themselves. If the test becomes positive, then it needs to be treated immediately.

    The best precaution your partner can take is keep their face and mouth covered with a mask when they are near the children. From what I understand, they should also avoid the children as much as possible until they have undergone considerable treatment.

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    Yes, both my kids had undergone tuberculine testing and good news that it was negative. My partner is now undergoing a treatment for almost 2 months now.

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