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Thread: postnatal depression after two years, will I be under its spell again?

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    postnatal depression after two years, will I be under its spell again?

    After giving birth to my first child. I felt that I was completely different. Now that I am having another child in 2 and a half months, will I still get postnatal depression? I don't want my eldest be affected in any way. So, how can I avoid this?

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    Unfortunately it's somewhat common for women who have already experienced depression, especially postnatal depression, to have a repeat. However, if you begin to show symptoms there are many things you can do to reduce the impact on yourself and your family. Here are some tips for naturally reducing symptoms:

    Stay hydrated
    Continue to take prenatal vitamins
    Consider having your placenta encapsulated
    Spend some time outdoors
    Take walks
    Get your partner or a family member to help out
    Get as much sleep as possible

    If your postnatal depression subsists even with adequate personal care, you may need to take an antidepressant to help balance things out. There are many antidepressants that are safe for breastfeeding babies. Consult your physician to find out if this is the right solution for your case.

    Here is an article by Midwife Jane, discussing what you are likely to experience during the period of life immediately following birth: The Postnatal Woman: What to Expect

    Best of luck to you! Please keep us updated.


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    Hi ConcernedMomiya,

    Angela gave some excellent suggestions.

    It's going to be super important to be sure you are getting high quality nutrition, so be sure to make plans to either have some meals in the freezer that can easily be reheated, or have people bring meals to your home 3 or 4 times a week for the first few weeks after birth.

    Once you have your energy back and you're up and moving around more, you will want to focus on bringing high quality food into your home. Organic fruits and vegetables, wild caught fish, organic chicken, beef, eggs, milk, etc.

    I would make sure that you continue to take your prenatal vitamins every single day, before and after birth and during breastfeeding.

    I would also supplement with a multi-B vitamin and make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D. If you're in the sun 15 minutes each day and getting sun on a lot of skin area (not just your face, arms, legs, but your tummy too) then you may be getting enough Vitamin D. But most people are deficient in it, so taking a Vitamin D3 supplement can be very helpful. You should be able to have a blood test done to determine your Vitamin D level. If you do this, post back and let us know what it is, as a low/norm could mean you need to supplement.

    Make sure you are getting adequate essential fatty acids like cod liver oil or flax oil. If you eat fatty, cold water fish regularly, you may be getting enough. Avocado is also another food that is very healthy and can be eaten every day.

    And lastly, one of the most beneficial vitamins you can take to boost your mood is Inositol, which is in the B Vitamin family. Inositol can be taken in large doses until you feel better, and then reduced to maintain a good mood. It is sweet and can easily mixed into applesauce, yogurt, smoothies, etc.

    Hope this helps. How are you feeling now? How are you doing?

    Kind Regards,


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